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The Dreams (play coming soon)

Tonight is one of those nights when she is hit with everything from the beginning of it all...tossing and turning she gets up from laying there dazing and looking at nothing.  In her mind things looks so real like she sees herself working  at her first job being so young, so proud of herself and innocent?

A Bitter Love, Gone Strong (book on the market now)

Here is the story of one person taking on the sins and abuse of life alone and forgetting who could carry her through it, but God...the bitterness started at a very young age, trying to find love in a world that she didn't belong in, but got caught up in it and now strong as a Queen of Lions and standing tall, she is?

When My Past, Walks Into My Future (book on the market now)

I want to remind you of where the journey began, remember in the beginning of "A Bitter Love, Gone Strong".  I wanted to be able to do without and to stay positive trying get passed being a Recovering Addict of Love. When you get through reading this is, how my past walks right back into my future, keep in mind that someone is always praying for you and you do have the power to keep things out.  But you have to really believe in it


The reason why her past walked back into her future:

The Dark Side of Valentine (book - coming soon)

As a tear fell from her eye, her mind was saying, “No, don’t he's lying again and he will hurt you worst then before”.  Shaking her head as though she was really hearing this voice in her head out loud, she started to hang up on him, but she heard his voice again, say, “Li, did you hear me, I love you and I need to see you, please have dinner with me tonight”.  The voice in her head said, "Don’t louder than before"!!!! And this time she heard it out loud and not in her head, it scared her a bit and she looked around and said, who's there!!!  Dante, not sure what’s going on, interceded and ask, are you ok, is someone there, what’s going on Li, let me pick you up?  Placing the phone back to her ear, she acknowledged that she heard him and accepted his dinner invitation and said, I will see you at 8pm.  Hearing the smile in his voice, he responds and says, “I will see you at 8pm at Barnaby's, baby”.

As she preceded to hang the phone up, she looked around to make sure that no one was really in the room with her.  Shaking her head, clearing something she was not sure she was clearing, she began to pack up her things and headed toward the elevators.